Terms and Conditions


Our primary means of contact is via email and our portal System. Please ensure that you provide us with an up to date email address and check the portal using the URL you are provided to stay in contact.

All projects, tasks and campaigns unless given a fix fee/retainer or specific hourly rate, will be charged at an hourly rate.

Payment Terms

Our standard payment terms are 14 days .

Unless stated or agreed otherwise you must make payment within 14 days of receipt of any invoices.

Failure to do so WILL result in an interest charge of 8.5% under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and compensation arising from late payment under section 5A of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998

The required payment timeframe is stated on the first page of all invoices.

If we do not receive payment within this timeframe we will reserve the right to restrict the services that we provide, this will include suspension of hosting, websites and emails.

Please note: Suspension of hosting or web servers due to non-payment will result in an negative effect on your websites SEO and rankings.


Any amount quoted for website projects, unless explicitly stated or agreed otherwise, excludes hosting of the website, domain name registering, video and image stock licenses and any additional licenses required for the operation/running of the website, outside of those agreed in the proposal. For every website project a timescale for delivery will be provided. If the project time extends outside of the allocated timescale due to:

  • Lack or delay of correspondence from the client.
  • Slow or delayed delivery of content from the client.
  • Changes to the initial spec/proposal by the client.

An additional hourly charge may be incurred. Once a website has gone live (a state where the website is visible on a domain to the public), unless agreed otherwise, the client has 1 week to request any changes (up to a maximum of 1-hour labour) that relate to:

  • Interoperability Errors
  • Small tweaks (changes to be considered under 1 hour labour)
  • Spelling mistakes.

After this period, unless agreed otherwise, changes to the website will become chargeable at an hourly rate. After this 1 week period, if your website is not hosted on our hosting, unless agreed otherwise, any errors, downtime, detection of viruses, malware, slow loading times or any issues relating to the operation of the website or any system we install are the responsibility of the website host, we will charge an hourly rate if requested to aid in resolving any such errors. If you choose to host your website with another host other than 180 Web Designs and during or after the project additional work or correspondence is required from 180 Web Designs, the additional time will be charged at our hourly rate. (This includes additional time setting up any aspect of the server, correspondence to and from the server host, additional set up time as compared to using our own host)

Website Delivery

Unless explicitly stated or agreed otherwise, our website build and delivery process works off 4 stages:

Stage 1 – Initial Design

In order to start development we require a 25% Initial Payment for the full amount quoted under “Costing” in your project proposal unless another payment has been agreed. Once payment is received development your new website will start on our test server, on the start date listed under “Project Timeframe” in your project proposal. The initial design of the site will be based off the requirements listed in your project proposal. At the end of stage 1, we will deliver a URL and password to a password protected testing copy of the new website on our test server. This will allow the client to see the initial design of the site and a framework for the websites operation. During this stage no input outside of that stated in this proposal is necessarily required from the client.

Stage 2 – Extended Design, operation and functionality This is the stage in which input on the design, operation and functionality of the website is required from the client. Once the client has looked over the website on the testing server, we ask for input to the site via email or in a written format. During this stage only dummy content or limited content is used to demonstrate design, operation and functionality. We then make these changes listed by the client to the test website. Once the client is happy with these changes, we ask them to sign off on Stage 2.

Stage 3 – Content and Tweaks. In order to start stage 3 a second 25% Payment for the full amount quoted under “Costing” in ,your project proposal, is required. This is the stage in which input on the content and small tweaks of the website is required from the client. Please note that unless it’s agreed that copy-writing, photography or stock image sourcing will be performed it is the client’s responsibility to produce all content for the website. We appreciate this can be a lengthy process so we urge all our clients to make sure they are prepared to deliver all website content within the project timeframe. If the project is delayed due to awaiting delivery of content from the client, an additional fee may be incurred. In the case of a website re-design, we can source content from the previous site. Once the content on the site is populated and any required tweaks are made the client is then asked to sign off on stage 3. This effectively ends the stage at which large content changes or large design changes can be made to the website. This is due to interoperability testing that is required to ensure the correct operation of the website across browsers and devices. To make larger design or content changes after testing would then require re-testing, incurring additional time, labour and costing.  

Stage 4 – Testing and launch Once stage 3 is signed off we start website interoperability and mobile testing (and in the cases where SEO optimisation is required, SEO optimisation will be performed alongside testing). At the end of the testing stage the website displayed on the test url is effectively the final version. At this time, the client is asked to sign off on the whole project. Once this is done the remaining 50% of payment is then due. As soon as the remaining 50% payment is received a launch date and time will be agreed with the client. Once the site is launched we allow a 1 week grace period from the agreed website launch date as per the signed contract for the client to request any changes (up to a maximum of 1-hour labour) that relate to:

  • Interoperability Errors
  • Small tweaks
  • Spelling mistakes.

Outside of this grace period, unless agreed otherwise, changes to the website will become chargeable at an hourly rate.

Website Retainers 

180 Web Design may offer at its discretion website maintenance work on a retainer basis.

In the case a set amount of hours are agreed within this retainer, 180 Web Designs at its direction, may roll up to 50% of the non-utilized hours onto the following month/retainer period.

Hours may only be rolled over once and not accumulated and are subject to our availability




Hosting is invoiced in advance for a minimum of a 1 year period.

You may pay for hosting monthly, we will require written notice in advance should you want to opt for monthly billing, a 15% admin charge will be added to the monthly invoices. (this is to cover time and labour of processing 12 invoices instead of 1 invoice).

If you wish to cancel or move your hosting, we require 28 days written notice.

We do not offer refunds for any hosting fees paid in advance.

In no circumstance do we release any server login details to anyone outside of the 180 Web Design Team (this excludes CMS login details).

If you require to move your website/emails to another host, we will provide an export of your website’s source code and database. There may be a fee to provide these files and if any outstanding invoices remain on your account we reserve the right to not release any files until all outstanding amounts are settled.

Our standard Website hosting allows 1GB of server hard drive space and 50GB of bandwidth.

If your website surpasses this limit an additional hosting charge may be applied, we will notify you via email if this is the case.

If your website or any script/file/resource associated with your website utilizes a large amount of server CPU or RAM, additional work may be required to re-allocate your website to another host or optimise your files. (you will be notified and this may be charged at an hourly rate).

Failure to pay hosting fees within the stated terms on your invoice may result in suspension of the hosting service. After 90 days if payment is not received all files associated to your hosting account will be deleted.

Hosting Support

In the case when a problem with your website or email arises, if you’re hosting is through our server you may notify us of the error via email and we will work to resolve any issues.

In the case where an error arises from internal errors we will our best to resolve any issues inclusive of the monthly hosting cost.

In the case where an error arises through a circumstance caused by the client, an additional charge to resolve the issues may be applied.

I.e. Websites are running slow due to excessive server load – we do will our best to resolve any issues inclusive of the monthly hosting cost.

I.e. Websites are running slow due to a modification made by the client – an additional charge to resolve the issue may be applied.


In the case that 180 Web Designs acts on behalf of a client to register a domain the domain will be registered using domain privacy and set to auto renew on expiry.

It is the client’s responsibility to inform 180 Web Designs if they wish or intend to not renew the domain registration, otherwise the domain will be automatically renewed.

If the client wishes to transfer the domain away from 180 Web Designs registration service a fee may be incurred.

Source Code/Artwork

We do not release any artwork or source code for any projects until full payment has been received. All designs , graphics and code remain the property of 180 Web Designs until full payment for the deliverables has been received.

An additional charge may be applied if artwork files are requested in a format that can be edited (PSD, AI).


Please note that we recommend a minimum 3-6 month period for all SEO campaigns.

If you choose to pause or cancel your SEO campaign you must give at least 30 days written notice. You will still be charged for the following month if 30 days written notice notice is not given.

If you choose to pause or cancel your SEO campaign there is no guarantee that any rankings or traffic increases achieved will remain. There is a high possibility that they will remain for many months after the SEO campaign is paused or cancelled, but we do not guarantee this.

Please note that at any time a search engine may change their ranking algorithm, which may result in massive fluctuations in rankings. We do our best to allow for any changes but in some cases rankings may be massively affected either positively or negatively, through reasons beyond our control.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise all amounts quoted in all 180 Web Design’s SEO quotes and invoices are monthly fees.

Please note that our SEO campaigns do not come with a guarantee of sales, enquiries or rankings. We do everything to ensure that we meet the KPI’s agreed in your SEO proposal /agreement, but we cannot guarantee a specific outcome due to the nature of SEO and Search Engines.

Please note: That we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and its the users responsibility to check back to these terms and conditions on a regular basis. We recommend you Print this page with a clear date for your records.